AppCleaner Vs AppZapper

No program is unique anymore as ideas constantly pop up and take the form of different pieces of software. It’s unavoidable that you’ll end up with options regarding the similar programs that only differ in looks and cost. Such is the conundrum when AppCleaner Vs. AppZapper is brought up and discussed. So far though, some issues have only been brought to light in forums, and even through they aren’t that well discussed. So before you go on the App store or any online digital software retailer, look at the pros and cons of each program.


Strictly in terms of performance, AppZapper runs like a charm and often outdoes its counterparts. The program is efficient, presents all possible options for deletion. At the same time, it is very safe and functions much like how it was programmed to do. It only takes a few clicks for you to move an unwanted program and all of its extended files to the trash with the help of this program. At the same time, being on the Mac ensures that the program is very safe to use. However, the downfall is that the program is dedicated totally to Mac and the products Apple comes out with. There’s no cross compatibility here, and it really only caters to Apple product owners. Couple that with the price tag, and you get a program that makes you think twice before buying it.


To save a little time, this app does exactly what the one above does, but with a few key differences. You can use the tried and true method of dragging and dropping files into the program as opposed to seeking them out on your hard drive. After an initial scan, the program checks all other entries that were ever manipulated. It shows out a detailed list, and you can pick from there which ones are bogging down you system. At the same time, this program also crosses a bridge that AppZapper can’t and that is OS bridge. AppCleaner can be installed on both Mac and Windows, which makes it a bit more stable since patches are made for both versions. Lastly, this program is free, and can be downloaded on any site that offers the installer. However, one big issue is that it doesn’t run as smoothly on the Mac as AppZapper does. Being that this is freeware, that shouldn’t bother because the rest of the program works fine.

Which one is best?

In this fight, AppCleaner has quite a bit going for it. There are tons of features on the program that are more than enough to prove that this program offers some of the best cleaning options for your Mac. However. AppZapper does win some praise through the fact that it can work a bit faster on a Mac. That doesn’t subtract from the point though. If you really want a program that will fix your software issues, and make your PC run faster, then pick AppCleaner. It’s free and has every function that needed in a program of this nature, so why not download AppCleaner today?